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Can I have a bar custom made?

Philippa loves a challenge! We can make bars in all shapes and sizes. Contact us to discuss how we can make your dreams come true...


Where can I get a keg?

We have intimate relationships with some of the finest local breweries. Contact us and we'll hook you up.


Can I tap beverages other than beer?

Of course. Almost any drink can be dispensed through the bar system, so long as it doesn’t have bits in it (which clog up the lines). We’ve tapped beer, cider, cocktails, lemonade and water.


Where can I learn to pour the perfect beer?

Youtube! And when you’re ready to get hands on, visit us at one of our pop up events in Melbourne. See our social media for details. If you’d like some one-on-one training, contact us to book a session with our technician (Melbourne metro area only).


Where can I see a Philippa Glass & Co bar in action?

We hold regular pop up events in Melbourne, see our Facebook or Instagram for details.


Is the gas used to carbonate my drinks dangerous?

Any gas stored under pressure is potentially dangerous. The gas used to make your drinks fizzy is carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon Dioxide is non flammable and should be treated as you would treat an LPG barbecue cylinder. Refer to the safety data material sheet for details.


Can you deliver my bar?

Yes, we currently deliver to the Melbourne metropolitan area. Please contact us if you’d like a bar delivered further afield.


Will my bar need to be serviced? How do I clean my bar?

Beer lines should be cleaned after every keg. This can be done quite easily with a wash out keg, available from us. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, we offer a cleaning and tune up service. Just contact us to book a service call (Melbourne metro area only).


Philippa Glass & Company encourages responsible drinking. For information, education and support visit